CVFC and Environment Agency Pennywort Meeting

Representatives from CVFC met with senior Environment Agency officials today including Sir James Bevan CE, to reinforce the case that floating pennywort is now a national issue and needs the full backing of the EA in all regions to tackle the problem which is now affecting 165 rivers in the UK. It was a very cold meeting held in the snow on the banks of the river Colne just above Little Britain Lake where a back channel of the river Colne is still covered bank to bank with pennywort.

Whilst the meeting was in progress a member of the public drove past and upon seeing the EA logo on coats being worn, stopped his car and expressed his concern about the floating pennywort in the river and GUC and how it was trapping litter and plastics and was having a negative effect on kingfishers and other wildfowl that previously frequented the site. Many thanks to this person called David who represented the public on this occasion to support anglers and other recreational water users in our fight to get support and action to eradicate this invasive plant which is slowly killing our rivers.